Three types of EAS systems dominate the retail industry. In each case, an EAS tag or label is attached to an item. The tag is then deactivated, or taken from an active state where it will alarm an EAS system to an inactive state where it will not flag the alarm. If the tag is a hard, reusable tag, a detacher is used to remove it when a customer purchases the item it's attached to. If it's a disposable, paper tag, it can be deactivated by swiping it over a pad or with a handheld scanner that "tells" the tag it's been authorized to leave the store. If the item has not been deactivated or detached by the clerk, when it is carried through the gates, an alarm will sound.

The use of EAS systems does not completely eliminate shoplifting. However, experts say, theft can be reduced by 60 percent or more when a reliable system is used. Even when a shoplifter manages to leave the store with a tagged item, the tag still must be removed -- something that is no longer as easy as it once was. For example, some EAS tags contain special ink capsules, which will damage the stolen item when forcibly, and illegally, removed. (This type of device is known in the industry as benefit denial -- we'll discuss it more later!). Other popular EAS components today include source tagging, whereby an inexpensive label is integrated into the product or its packaging by the manufacturer. This is also classified into: Bottle Security , Spider Wraps , Evolve Antennas , Keepers and Tags.

AMS - 1140 Pedestal Detection System

The AMS - 1140 is an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestal detection system that provides the best anti-theft security solution for your business. The AMS - 1140 can be used in supermarkets for unauthorized product movement out of the supermarket and it works hand in hand with other anti-theft devices (e.g. hard tags, spider wraps e.t.c)

Equipped with essential detection elements, the AMS-1140 detection system covers 1.8m (6ft.) between pedestals. The sleek modern design blends seamlessly into all retail formats while providing a strong visual deterrent. Constructed from ABS material, the pedestals offer long lasting durability.

Audio and visual alarms are integrated into the primary pedestal to notify store personnel of theft attempts. A piezo alarm incorporated into the base provides the audible alarm; an LED light located on top of the primary antenna provides the visual notification.


  • Ultra•Max® theft detection. This system offers Ultra•Max® detection and is compatible with all Sensormatic® hard tags and dual resonator (DR) labels.
  • High sensitivity with false alarm resistance. The AMS-1140 features advanced detection technology making it highly sensitive, while providing resistance to outside noise and interference resulting in fewer false alarms.
  • EAS protection that blends with retail store designs. The modern design and open framed architecture ensures the pedestals will blend into a variety of store openings.
  • Strong visual deterrent. Anti-theft pedestals discourage would-be shoplifters.
  • Energy efficient. The system utilizes less than 50W of energy; resulting in lower energy costs while maintaining green initiatives.

Sensormatic Ultra Post 6

Shoplifting remains to be the number one source of retail shrink worldwide. Retailers continue to search for solutions to help them reduce shoplifting and shrink, while protecting their bottom line. The Sensormatic Ultra•Post 6 delivers up to1.8m (6ft) detection coverage between pedestals, to help protect critical assets --- employees, shoppers and merchandise -- while reducing shrink and theft.

Considering the environmental impacts of production and service, is simply good business. Taking environmental responsibility seriously, Tyco Retail Solutions offers the Ultra•Post 6 a global environmentally responsible system designed with higher efficiencies. The Ultra•Post 6 consumes up to 40% less power right out of the box – than prior Ultra•Post systems– providing energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Meeting worldwide safety standards and certified by all applicable regulatory agencies, retailers can rest assure the Ultra•Post 6 is safe for both employees and shoppers. Tyco Retail Solutions reduces the complexities of managing your global supply and distribution channels by understanding the importance of delivering a detection system that complies with all applicable safety and regulatory standards.

  • The Integrated Traffic Counter option provides directionality and power management for energy conservation during periods of traffic inactivity.
  • When paired with a Sensormatic device network, real-time people counting data provides awareness into the operation of your business.
  • When paired with a Sensormatic device network, real-time people counting data provides awareness into the operation of your business.
  • Jammer detection notifies staff of attempts to disable the EAS system by would-be thieves.
  • Dynamic Digital Signal Processor (DSP) algorithms ensure superior performance in high noise environments, automatically adjusting to account for changing surroundings.

MKD31-BL Detacher With Lock

The MKD31 separates the AMT-3200 hard tag from the pin and lanyard, enabling the tag to be removed from the merchandise.

This detacher takes up minimal space at the POS and can be mounted either on or flush mounted in the countertop.


  • Lightweight
  • Removes magnetic clutch-type hard tags.
  • Optional security lock (pictured here) to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Does not require electrical power.
  • Reliable Performance
  • Sleek aesthetic design

AMB-2011 Deactivator

Label deactivation is an extremely important, yet simple procedure. The deactivation pad deactivates a label automatically when the labeled merchandise moves smoothly through the deactivation zone. For optimal deactivation, pass the product over the full width of the deactivation pad in the direction indicated by the red line arrows on product photos. The deactivator pad emits a single beep sound and the green LED light blinks orange (may appear yellow) to indicate detection and deactivation of the EAS label. It is imperative that all labels be deactivated by cashiers at the POS. Labels that are not deactivated will trigger pedestal alarms when the product(s) pass through the systems. This causes unnecessary inconvenience and embarrassment to both staff and customers.


  • Deactivates labels up to 10cm (4in.)
  • Detection range up to 15.2cm (6in).
  • Scan-enable functionality helps prevent internal theft by allowing deactivation only after a valid bar-code scan.
  • Remote alarm security lock-out allows cashiers to disable the deactivator via a key-switch when the checkout is closed to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Audible and visual indicators provide confirmation that labels have been detected and deactivated.
  • Small compact design fits easily in the POS area, maximizing counter space.
  • Double-Checker capability helps ensure successful deactivation by alerting the cashier if a label has been detected but not deactivated.

AMT-3200 Hard Tag Family

Sensormatic hard tags are trusted by retailers all over the world for their performance, high defeat resistance, durability and versatility. The Ultra•Max.. AM technology, provides a high rate of detection in all orientations. The lightweight construction and small footprint allow the AMT-3200 and AMT-5000 tags to be applied to a wide variety of high theft products. These tags provide a strong visual deterrent without adversely affecting merchandise on display. The one piece lanyard versions within the AMT-3200 hard tag family, allows the tag to be used with a wide array of product. The adjustable plastic lanyard is perfect for protecting an assortment of merchandise. The multi-strand stainless steel cable lanyard is ideal for protecting shoes and handbags, while the one piece accessory tag is ideal for jewelry, optical products, and other small accessories. All AMT-3200 tags can be used repeatedly if handled correctly.


  • Delivers proven high performance acousto-magnetic technology in a small sleek footprint.
  • Non-deactivatable, re-usable hard tag.
  • Allows you to customize the tagging portfolio to fit your needs.
  • Provides a strong visual deterrent without adversely affecting merchandise on display.
  • Defeat resistant design combined with its sleek shape minimizes the opportunity for thieves to attack.
  • Available in four different designs: one piece nylon plastic lanyard tag, one piece steel lanyard tag, apparel tag, and one piece accessory tag..