Ultra•Exit 2.4m Acrylic Pedestal

 Ultra•Exit 2.4m Acrylic Pedestal  

Superior shoplifting protection for wide or multiple exits in a sleek, transparent design.

The Ultra•Exit 2.4 Acrylic Pedestal is a key element of the Sensormatic Enhanced Detection suite. Its open-frame design preserves store aesthetics, while its sleek, high-quality acrylic construction has the right look for virtually any retail setting. Ideal for wide or multiple exits, this detection system uses Sensormatic AM EAS technology to provide the highest level of theft detection with up to 2.4m (7ft 10in) of coverage between pedestals to maximize customer flow. Audio and visual alarms are incorporated into the pedestal to notify staff if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone.

As business needs change, this system’s open architecture can be enhanced with Sensormatic’s upgradable, integrated add-on devices, Metal-Foil Detection and Traffic Counting, to combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and increase labor productivity. The front-end pedestal remains simple and streamlined to maintain the visual appeal of store entrances.

Through system configuration, “Tags-too-Close” is an offered feature developed to help store associates better manage merchandising of tagged goods at the front of the store. This feature helps reduce unnecessary and costly service calls and decreases nuisance alarms to enhance the shopper experience. Another system-configured feature is Jammer Detection. This software triggers a pedestal alarm as soon as an electronic signal from a Jammer device is detected; helping eliminate the threat of would-be thieves using this method.

The Ultra•Exit 2.4 Acrylic Pedestal provides in-store EAS and Traffic Intelligence when connected to a compatible data management device to help better manage store operations.

Retailer Values
  • Straight acrylic form factor preserves store aesthetics
  • Sensormatic AM EAS technology delivers superior shoplifting protection for wider or multiple exits, maximizing customer flow
  • Integrated traffic counting option provides Traffic Intelligence and directionality to calculate conversion rates and maximize store performance
  • EAS Intelligence option allows delivery of in-store operational information to better manage loss prevention and store operation efforts
  • Integrated Metal-Foil Detection alerts staff when foil-lined bags or clothing enter the store environment, helping combat shrink and ORC
  • “Tags-too-Close” feature helps reduce unnecessary and costly service calls and helps manage merchandising of tagged products at the store front
  • Jammer Detection helps reduce shrink by notifying staff of attempts to disable the EAS system using a separate audible alarm
  • Remote Alarm option alerts staff of alarm events anywhere in store
  • Service connection port allows full system software control at any antenna, helping reduce in-store service time