Ultra•Strip II Sheet Label


  ULTRA Strip.II Sheet Label 

The Ultra•Strip II Label delivers proven Sensormatic technology and high deactivation performance. The anti-shoplifting solution sheet format is intended for hand application.

Retailer Values
  • Utilizes proven Sensormatic AM technology and manufacturing process to provide the highest in detection performance
  • Small label footprint minimizes impact on brand promotion and important product information
  • Reactivatable for unlimited reuse
  • Works well on liquids, foils and in metal shopping carts
  • Robust construction provides optimal merchandise protection
  • Length:45.21mm ± 0.5mm (1.78in ± 0.020in)
  • Width:10.67mm ± 0.5mm (0.420in ± 0.020in)
  • Label Thickness:
    • Excluding Liner:Maximum 1.89mm (0.074in)
    • Including Liner:Maximum 2.00mm (0.079in)