One touch access to easy life

No matter where you are, using Z-WAVE, only one touch can help you control every room in your home. Just add Z-Wave to your garage door, your home entry and your home security system. When you arrive from work, push a button and all yourZ-Wave devices ill work in concert -- the garage oor will open, your entry ways will light up, your security system will recognize you, and your front door will unlock.

Once you are inside, your home can welcome you with just the mood you want. With one touch you can have your favourite music playing for you on arrival, and the thermostat set to your preferred temperature. While you were away it made sure that the lawn sprinkler watered your lawn on schedule. If it had rained, you could have bypassed the sprinkler from work, from a pc or even a cell phone.When you are ready to call it a night, a single button could turn off all your house lights, activate your security system, turn down the thermostat, lock the doors, turn on the bedroom humidifier, and setup the coffee pot to greet you with a fresh cup when you awake.