We are very happy to announce that Insync Solutions Limited is one of the only two Kenyan authorized distributors for ADT Sensormatic EAS Tagging Systems, Security Tags, Soft tags (labels) plus deactivation systems for both hard tags + labels. The Standard Dual System we only offer a 2 pedestal system which are suited to single and double door entrances only. It covers the double door entrances up to 1.8 meters wide.

Standard Version Dual System

Our AM Plexiline tagging system is our most successful selling tagging system on AM 58KHz frequency.With the system having it's sleek, smooth and elegant style finish it offers that much more class and blends in nicely with the shopfronts. It's a very slimline system and offers excellent detection and performance with security hard tags and labels. We sell these systems as Dual system (2 pedestals, one either side of entrance doors) which are suited best to double door entrances, as they will detect hard tags around 1.8 meters and labels up to 1.6 meters.

AM Plexiline Installation


  • Length - 1500mm
  • Width - 420mm
  • Depth - 30mm


  • Up to 1.8m with hard tags, between dual antennas
  • Up to 1.5m with labels, between dual antennas

AM Plexiline InstallationSensormatic System

We supply a large range of AM 58KHz products to supply into retail fashions, supermarkets, and hardware stores. We can cover the narrowest of doorways, e.g. Standard single door, as well as large double doors and very wide entrances in shopping centers, and supermarkets.



X 2 pedestals one placed at each side of entrance to the store, this system covers up to 1.8 meters in detection with hard tags so ideally suited to double door entrances. It's elegant look is always a favorite with customers and it is backed up by also with consistent performance and reliability to prevent shoplifters walking away with your products.

Included in the price will be Either 1,000 hard tags or 10,000 soft labels. A deactivator for the soft labels or a detacher for the hard tags. the package offer also comes with a stabilizer to prevent and against a short circuit or burn out. the double entrance door pedestals. This price also includes this system to be professionally installed in your store and staff training on how the system works by one our expert engineers. All this at just 275,000.