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 FingerTec’s latest door access and time attendance device – H2i may be small in size, but do not underestimate its capacity. With a stylish design and a sleek layout, H2i is a master terminal able to hold up to 1,500 fingerprint templates as well as 10,000 card templates. The unique screen-less design uses a combination of voice commands and LED lights to communicate to its users. Holding almost the same features as a regular biometric device, FingerTec H2i just proves that size, in fact, does not matter.



  • Supersized Capacity-The only thing small about H2i is its size. With 1,500 fingerprint templates and 10,000 card templates, H2i can be hardly defined as “small”.
  • Simple Enrollment-H2i is done with an administrator card. Just flash the card to enroll or delete a user.
  • Built-In Alarm- Increase the security at your workplace by installing an external alarm, and be alerted during unexpected scenarios such as break-ins and fire emergencies.
  • Easy Data Management- All you need is a USB flash disk to transfer transaction logs to your computer. It is that easy! USB Numeric Keypad for Easy Command Input Plug the USB numeric keypad to H2i to enroll users, deletes users, or reset the terminal to its default settings.
  • User-Friendliness- Maintained H2i, being a minimalist, is still able to communicate to you via its variety of voice commands combined with its multi-colored LED signals.
  • Be Secure with Style-Who says you can’t be stylish? The simple and sleek design of H2i looks good in any setting of a workplace! Value for Money
  • Economical -This model was designed to be economical so that you are able to implement FingerTec solutions at a lower cost. We believe that when it comes to security, there should be no compromise


  • MODEL                                                                H2i
  • MEMORY                                                             256 MB flash memory & 32 MB SDRAM
  • Fingerprint templates                                          1500
  •  Cards                                                                  10000
  • Transactions                                                        100000
  •  Power input                                                         DC 12V 3A



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