The Scenario

Management committees, board of directors and other forms of governing bodies perform joint meetings in order to oversee the functioning of an organization.

The crucial data generated by these meetings needs to be stored safely, arranged systematically and be presented to the body members on time. Future schedule of meetings and its respective agenda has to be notified to the members well in advance.

Such highly significant activities require an incredible amount of thorough and painstaking effort. Organizations are always under pressure to manually execute such comprehensive tasks with the expectation of not committing a single mistake.

The Solution


Dess’ Board Portal is the only software solution that allows the boards & committees of companies to collaborate with ease and leads to effective and efficient meetings. With Board Portal, you can effortlessly share critical business data with authorized officials. It allows you to easily include the last minute changes to your meetings and schedule.

Board Portal delivers out-of-the-box results for you. It eliminates the risk of misplacement, loss and damage of meetings documents. No need to print and physically move your meetings docs anymore. Features like instant access to meeting docs (like Notes, Agenda, MoM), save hours of time wasted in searching for relevant information for meetings - during, before and after meetings.

Advantage of Using Dess

At Dess, we believe in an ecosystem where the best of technology can be used to empower the right people at the right time. With our world class, cutting edge technology, we address the customer needs in the most innovative manner in order to provide the maximum value to our customers.

Our leading document management, cheque truncation and meetings’ management solutions, turn unstructured data into an integral part of computerized information systems, thus making information technology a truly business enabling revenue generating and value adding tool.

We have successfully implemented several first of its kind solutions to the leading organizations in India, Europe, Middle East and USA to help organizations and society get the most out of technology with ease

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • SECURE ACCESS: Only Board members/authorized personnel allowed access by User ID and Password
  • SHARP TRACKING: Portal shows you the list of pending tasks and allows you to update and track their progress.
  • LAST MINUTE CHANGES: Facility allows easy revision of meeting schedule in case of last minute changes or rescheduling.
  • ACROSS THE BOARD: Get instant access to your legacy records.
  • INSTANT REPORTS Portal Users receive updates via SMS and Email each time a batch of notes is uploaded
  • EXTENSIVE SAVINGS: Save your heavy costs of printing meeting docs, transport and communication.
  • CONSTRUCT MINUTES: User(s) & Administrator can prepare Minutes of Meeting (MoM) on system.
  • POWERFUL SEARCH: Instant retrieval of meeting docs (notes, agenda, follow-up) with patricular word search.
  • ANNOTATIONS: Provision to enter ‘Remarks’ and ‘Comments’ in the agenda files.
  • DELIVER - AHEAD OF TIME: Meeting notes can now be delivered ‘on time’.
  • SUPER COMPATIBLE: Collaborates with iOS (iPad) & Android gadgets.
  • SAFE & SOUND: No more trouble of having meeting documents misplaced, damaged, misfiled or lost.
  • RAPID RESPONSE: Facility allows Portal Users efficient & quick retrieval of meeting documents.
  • RESOURCEFUL READINESS: Portal user(s) can anytime retrieve Agenda, Notes and the corresponding MoM with ease.
  • SMART COLLABORATION: Bring all your invitees on the same platform & share MoM along with action items.
  • 24x7 SUPPORT: Rigorous support ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything, at anytime.
  • EFFORTLESS INPUT: Portal allows the Users to make comments before, during and after the meetings.
  • GREATER EFFICIENCY: Portal helps increase your operational efficiencies as it saves your time, costs & manpower.
  • AN END TO YOUR PAPER TROUBLE: Experience a green and a paperless domain.