How Do I update NHIF to use the new rates in iPayroll?

Using the payroll software, updating NHIF is fairly a simple task to perform. Ensure that the user to update has rights to access this button and that the software is well configured. Follow the steps provided below and after changing this, NHIF will be updated:

  1. Start the payroll software and use your login credentials to access the payroll menus and buttons
  2. Click the Company Master menu and then NHIF button.
  3. Double click the row (highlighted in blue) and access the edit form.
  4. Enter the Salary From and Salary To with the respective deduction amount and click save button to save the changes. A message will appear details successfully saved.
  5. Repeat the above step(4) for all the entries to be made.

What is the difference between iPayroll and iAttendance?

iPayroll is a custom made software used in organizations to generate payslips for employees employed by the organization. It is fully featured for small to large organizations. iPayroll covers all aspects of payment that employees benefit from when working which include but no limited to allowances, deductions, salary advances, arrears, loans and many more. It also covers the attendance module which is used to calculate the time for employees.

iAttendance on the other hand is a custom made software which is used to handle time management for employees in your organization. This software can be used to monitor daily attendance of your employees and generate reports which can then be used to for payroll purposes. It handles time management, leave days, sick offs, off days, employee management and reporting. This software is limited to time only and does not handle the payroll module.

Both of these software are (can be) linked with biometric devices, which enables the software to download attendance logs directly from the device, which then can be used in generating reports. Using the payroll software one has to process the attendance module, and upon verification process the payment since, what is saved in the attendance module is what will be used to calculate the payment and there by stored.